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 Sleeping At Last Masterpost

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The mind was made to illuminate the heart

It’s a cruel cruel trick
How we find ourselves
When we lose everything else

You are an artist
And your heart is your masterpiece
And I’ll keep it safe

In the name of being brave,
Though it's just another word for being afraid.

Forgiveness is a lesson he cursed you to learn

Maybe your light is a seed

Darkness exists to make light truly count.

When we woke up
The world was figured out

we can’t help but to examine it,
To add our question marks to periods

When we grew up,
Our shadows grew up too.
But they’re just old ghosts
That we grow attached to.
The tragic flaw is that they hide the truth
That you’re enough.

You are so much more than your father’s son.
You are so much more than the wars you’ve won.

In the darkest of rooms, light shines the brightest

we’re leaving it all behind for now.
And it makes us brave again

We pull apart the dark
Compete against the stars
With all of our hearts
Till our temporary brilliance turns to ash

time takes violent things, angry things
and makes them kind

Only street lights notice me

I am desperate
If nothing else
In a holding pattern
To find myself

I am dissonance
Waiting to be swiftly pulled into tune

all of this mess
Is just my attempt to know the worth of my life

Fault lines tremble underneath my glass house

call it courage

Make my messes matter.
Make this chaos count.

You taught me the courage of stars before you left.

You let me set sail
With cheap wood

If brokenness is a work of art,
Surely this must be my masterpiece.

These wild oceans
Shake what's left of me loose

I lift up the only sail that I have,
This tired white flag.

show me where my armor ends,
Show me where my skin begins

I’ve been worried all my life,
A nervous wreck most of the time.

With each year, our color fades

The years wore on and changed my heart,
The leading role for a smaller part.

I set out to rule the world
With only a paper shield and a wooden sword.

We’ll be just fine.
It’s a matter of time
'Til our compass stands still
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Sleeping At Last Masterpost
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